Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was never a big fan of salads dripping with dressings where you taste less veggies and more dressing. I started making them at home with the kind of ingredients I like and the amount of dressing. Here is the tricky part with them though. Since everyone's palates are so different, the way I do it might not suit you. However I will just tell you how I "build" my salad and what ingredients I use. You can adjust it according to your taste buds (My mom adds ground green chillies in hers.. go figure).

Also, I stopped buying store bought dressings. I usually just add olive oil and balsamic vinegar in mine. Some times it would be just plain fresh lemon juice.

If you are used to Indian lunches and dinners and don't see how you can fit a salad in to that kind of meal, here is a very weird idea. Add those dry curries into your salads sans the rice or roti.

I also make roti wraps. Rotis or chapathis filled with some dal/curry with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and some mint chutney sounds delish doesn't it.

I made a dal wrap the other day and today in the vegetarian times magazine they had a recipe for "Indian dal taco" :). You see, you can just adapt any 2 cuisines into one without having to compromise the integrity of the dish.

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