Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tips n Tricks

I was reading my man Tony's(Yes, I think he is hot) book, "Kitchen Confidential" and decided not to buy the "Garlic Press". Why? because he said it's no good and I blindly follow whatever he says ;). Ok, Jokes apart, I did buy one from Ikea few years ago, that thing is a piece of crap and I don't use minced garlic as much as garlic chips or slivered.

I told you all to go take a knife skills class in my last post. And the question I get asked most form my family is if they should by Wushtoff or Henckles or the latest from Rachel Ray. Rachel Ray is making knives? WTF? I don't care what brand you buy or how much you spend, just get a 8 or 10 inch thats made with High-Carbon stainless steel. I have one 10" that I bought for $12 in 2001 when I took a basic cooking class at community college in NJ and it still works as good as brand new.

I am also thinking of starting to store mint and coriander and other fresh herbs in a tall glass with water than in the fridge. America's Test Kitchen magazine recommended this Progressive Herb-Saver which doesn't seem like a bad idea too.

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