Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cooking for the week

I had a lovely day today (Check the details here). So I decided to end it by cooking and prepping some meals for the week. After V went to bed around 8 at night I started cooking. I was done by 11 pm and mom helped me clean up.

I don't have recipes for everything yet but here's what I made.

1. Menthaaku Pappu ( Lentils with Fenugreek Leaves)
2. Beerakaya Pappu (Moong Dal with Chinese Okra)
3. Sambar
4. Rasam
5. Carrot with fenugreek leaves
6. Zucchini Curry
7. Long Beans stir fry

And tomorrow, I have 5 more things to cook, and prep some more. Will post recipes and pictures soon.

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