Friday, May 11, 2007

My new Costco find

We made a trip to costco yesterday and apart from the usual stuff I also picked up some sushi and some veggie burgers. My review:
Sushi: hmmm not so great.
Veggie Burgers: very good.

I had the burger in between 2 big iceberg lettuce leaves instead of bread with some provolone cheese and tad bit of mayo. It was good. Low on sodium which is always a plus.

What did I have on the side. Now don't laugh when I tell you this. Well, mom and dad had their traditional Indian lunch with white rice, Eggplant stir fry and Senagapappu(Bengal gram). SO I had the eggplant stir fry as a side. Not so bad considering the spicy eggplant dish gave my veggie burger a nice kick on the side;)

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